Offline programming

The programming of robot cells and the work required to adjust the processing programs as a result of component changes or variations are significant factors in the assessment of the profitability of robot system.

Since carat was founded, offline programming has been a core subject, therefore, in project development and implementation.


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Complete project settlement with Famos robotic ...

In the offer phase

  • Project management of the system layout
  • Accessibility investigations on the component
  • Checking the reachability in the robot cell
  • Estimate of the cycle times

In project settlement

  • Detailed examination of the collision with grippers, tools, equipment, etc.
  • Project development and presentations
  • Creation of processing programs for the robots before the robot cells are assembled
  • Short commissioning times for the robots

In after-sales

  • Quick and defined optimisation of the programs by the end customer
  • Short response times when products change
  • Program adjustments via online connection

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