Fr�sen von Instrumententafeln

Milling robot cells for interior and exterior components

Flexibility and economy

  • For formation of variants
  • For small and medium-sized batch sizes
  • For short product lifecycles

With our experience, we design the system technology specifically for your production requirements. In particular, the design of the equipment and the development of the milling strategy have a critical impact of the quality of the milled components.


Fr�sen von Kunststoffteilen


  • Milling cell
    mobile base frame with noise protection cabin
  • Robots
    1 or 2 robots (IRB 2400 / IRB 4400)
  • Safty technology
    Rolling gate with area entry guard
  • Waste management 
    Accessible chip conveyor in the cell
  • Extraction
    Local chip extraction / cabin extraction
  • Spindle system 
    With / without automatic mill change, double spindle
  • Mill
    Mill bread control / longitudinal measuring with program correction

Other features:

  • Turntable 
    2 stations, oscillating (350 kg per table side)
  • Pivot
    Vertical with turntable / horizontal with rotating wall
  • Control technology
    Robot control or SPS
  • Program selection
    Coding the equipment / barcode
  • Programming 
    FAMOS robotic (offline programming system)
  • Equipment
    Carrier or skin-side accommodation with quick-change coupling
  • Features 
    Poka Yoke / Connection to traceability systems

The precision milling of plastic parts requires experience:

  • Short cycle times with high cutting quality
  • Well-conceived chip removal and cell ventilation
  • Monitoring of the tools used through gauging
  • Tool-chance equipment
  • Process-orientated inclusion of products for parts centring

Milling robot cells for exterior components

Variants at the push of a button

  • For the 20% right-hand drive vehicles
  • For the 30% USA design
  • For the 25% with tuning-kit
  • For the 40% with parking assistance PDC
  • For the 15% with trailer coupling

The following also applies to the exterior area:
Flexibility and short response times for adjusting components and changing products

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